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Silence and Nature

Only 75 kilometers away from the capital Sofia, hidden in the Southern slopes of the mountain, Pchelin is a beautiful creature from nature, quiet and easygoing atmosphere, wonderful climate and picturesque sights and landscapes.

Summer tourism

Pchelin offers also a spectacular view to the Rila mountain ridges, the Maritza and Ochushnitsa river bed and their surrounding open country fields

Winter tourism

You can also see the popular ski resort Borovets from the village. It is only 20km away and getting there is easy as the road is new and suitable for a good ride

Local attractions

Our mineral water

Finding out the water’s amazing qualities, ancient Romans who have had one of their main roads passing through these lands, built the first thermal baths here. Becoming increasingly popular with the years, the thermal baths were also used by the Tsar Samuil’s army, while many known and unknown civilians – women, men and children also used it, with women believing that the miraculous qualities of the water could help them to conceive a child.

Pchelin’s mineral water cures diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system, muscle, bone and joint traumas and even serve as a beauty treatment, with its good impact on ageing. Many of the resort visitors come here to find relief and get rid of their rheumatism, neuralgia and allergies. Experts compare the water’s main benefits to those in other springs such as Brombach in Germany, Matsumoto in Japan and Buxton in UK.

Before being captured, the water was drained through several smaller springs situated not further than 3-10m. All rocks in the area exhibit the impact of a thermal change. Total flow of the spring before the capture is estimated to be around 11.17 l/s, later -11.7 l/s with water temperature of 73° C. Current flow amounts to 8.8 l/s.

Why Pchelin?

Because we have traditions! The inhabitants of Pchelin have preserved their own folklore, many traditions, customs, songs and legends that are recreated by amateur groups. Traditional folklore festivals are held: the Sirni zagovezni Kuker's Day, the St. George's Day, the Fair for Spasovden, the Children's Folklore Festival "Sunflowers" with the participation of children's folk dance groups and performers from all over the country.

The mineral water source of Pchelin is part of a larger hydro-geologic structure, called the Dolnobanski thermal water basin, where all mineral springs of Kostenets, Dolna Banya and Momin Progod rise.

The springs share similar characteristics, but only the Pchelin spring boasts with the highest temperature in Europe – 73C.

Pchelin is the perfect spot for recreation and sports. Warm summer and soft winter weather create great outdoor conditions for activities throughout the year. Modern villas and hotels, situated at the upper part of the village provide wonderful conditions for quality rest and recreation. Balneotherapy fans can enjoy the mineral waters of one of the warmest and mineral richest in water source in Bulgaria. Pchelin is a heavenly place for an incredible holiday and a good rest.

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