How to get there

How to get there with a car

If you are coming from the capital Sofia, use the main highway Tracia and turn right after you leave the city of Ihtiman behind. The road sign is for Muhovo, Mirovo or Kostenets. Once in the city of Kostenets (remember, there is a village and a city with the same names; you will need the city only). On your way to Dolna Banya you need to take another right turn where there is a sign PCHELIN.
Pchelin is just 9km from the city of Kostenets.

Once you get to Pchelin, follow the sign that reads PCHELINSKI BANI – the road goes through the village. Around the main road you can see the old school, the Chitalishte, the little city-hall, the Hunter’s club, the old building of the store and the square where there is a bus stop.

2km up from there you will get to the Pchelinski bani.